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Air War

Pilot a WWII Biplane against countless enemies!
Survive ten levels of dogfights to win the game!
This is my first effort at programming a complete game. It was a project for CS 240 "Video Game Programming" at Palomar college. It received an honorable mention at the 2001 GDC Independent Games Festival as a student submission.

Get it HERE. Run "setup.exe" to install. Win32 w/DirectX.

Snorkel Cindy's Diving Adventure

Help Cindy to collect pearls from the bottom of the sea.
Watch out for sharks and the drunken boater.
This was also a project for CS 240.
Check out the area map sampling in the intro screen.

Get it HERE. Run "Snorkel Cindy.exe" to play. Win32 w/DirectX.


Images from my CS 535 final project.
So far it supports sphere, plane and cylinder objects with unlimited
(within reason) colored lights, antiailiasing and soft shadows.

Image 1 Bars-n-Balls.
Image 2 Colored Lights.

Robot Arm

Use your mouse to control the robot and pick up the block.
Change light and material properties.
This was a project for CS 535 Computer Graphics.

Get it HERE. Win32 w/OpenGL.

GOD, the game.

This is my semester project for CS 433, OS.
Emulation and Genetic Algorithms.

The focus of my project, "god" (in the sense of playing god) was to create an artificial environment for simulated "creatures" to live, grow and evolve. I created a small assembly style language and wrote programs in it. The programs run on an emulator and are contained by a small operating system. In addition to providing the usual services of an operating system, this one allows the programs running under it to reproduce. It can create new programs that are an amalgamation of the programs' parents. It also introduces random errors in the mixture. By doing this I hoped to produce creatures that would evolve in unexpected ways.

Get it HERE. Get the source. Win32.

No one can describe
the Matrix.
You have to see
it for yourself.

The Matrix

A message from Morpheus.

Calculus crib sheet

Given one 3X5 card for notes, how many equations can you fit?
Mix and match. These are MS Word Equation editor objects. You cut and paste them into a document. I've done the work of inputting them so you don't have to. Of course by the time I fought with Eq editor I had them memorized anyway.

Get page 1 HERE
Get page 2 HERE

Space Rocks

My first attempt at a 3D software transform engine.

DirectX version HERE
OpenGL version HERE

Bomb your desktop!

A simple particle system using GDI.
Left mouse to spray particles, esc to exit.

Get it HERE. Win32

Turing Machine Simulator

A console app that simulates a Turing machine.
Use it in your Theory of Programming class!
Sorry, no source code.
Do your homework, mooch.

Get it HERE. Win32