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The final project for CS 441, Software Engineering, was to implement a survey system. The intent was to allow students to give feedback to the person who schedules class times and days at the university. We formed teams of three to four members and each team was responsible for creating their own system. I was the lead programmer for "team Monkey Wrench".
My first job was to set up access to the folders that were being used for the project. We had decided to use my ISP and account to host the team site. I did not want to give my site login and password to my teammates, and they didn't want that either. To allow them to access only the directories used for the team site, I wrote a php file to display, download and upload files in only certain directories.
I didn't want to use cookies because we had problems with the school computer settings that did not allow them. I chose to write a single file and name it index.php so it would be called by default. Depending on the parameters that the file is passed it displays different options. All access is done through this one file.
In order to provide some security, I placed this file in a protected directory and gave my teammates access to just that directory. This way, the contents of any folder who's path I hard coded into the index.php file could be accessed without needing admin passwords.
Another benefit of this was that team members were able to work on our project from any location that had Internet access. I built in a small mechanism for checking out files for versioning control. I also added an automatic archiving feature.
The system worked well for us. Get the code HERE.

A sample view of the system.

Our teams effort was chosen best overall in the class. See the finished product HERE.

This is about the smallest two person shooter with AI that you will ever find. It was adapted from code in Andre LaMothe's "Dummies" book as an assignment for CS 240. Console.cpp